Mitch's good friend, Bob Schaupp

To those who were “my senior” and who believed in me from my humble beginnings...

This past month, we lost a dear friend and loyal On Deck Clothing customer, Bolo Schaupp.

Back in the mid-1980s, when I was just starting out, On Deck store sales were significantly lean. Yet, year after year on Thanksgiving weekend, Bob would bring his entire family into the store for their annual holiday gift buying.
In his silent charismatic way, he knew that his choice to shop at a small, local, start-up business would have a significant financial impact. The Schaupp family shopping day not only helped this young entrepreneur keep the lights on but also continually bolstered my confidence in my Door County business dream.
Thank you, Bolo.
You are missed.
Mitch Larson, Founder & Owner
On Deck Clothing Company