On Deck’s Mitch Larson – A Man with a Mission

Behind the Scenes: Discovering Great Products for On Deck Customers

From KUHL’s start, 3 young men with a few pairs of shorts saw a need for better activewear.

Mitch Larson, Owner/Buyer for On Deck Clothing Company, is highly skilled at finding terrific apparel lines that suit his customers in Door County. Mitch recognized Kuhl’s potential when he met the owner, Kevin Boyle, 30 years ago at KUHL’s very first market show. On Deck became one of KUHL’s first buying customers.

Kevin Boyle, pictured with Mitch Larson, recently offered a “Thank You” weekend to those Store Owners who have been there for KUHL from its conception. Since Utah was the birthplace for KUHL, the company offered a private 2 day viewing of the entire 2020 KUHL line, at Robert Redford’s beautiful Sundance Resort. Kevin Boyle spoke passionately about the importance of remembering those who “brought you to the dance and believed in you as the company grew”.

KUHL is now an international company featuring great looking, functional and durable outdoor clothing for men and women of all ages. You’ll find an impressive selection of hand picked KUHL clothing at On Deck’s stores in Fish Creek, Sister Bay and Sturgeon Bay. Try Kuhl –  you’ll become a believer.

“ I’ve been very fortunate to be friends with Kevin Boyle for many years. Talking with him is always just fascinating, because he is so passionate about his product–  from the design, to the fabric and the functional fit.”  Mitch Larson

We are proud to be the premier retailer of Kuhl in Door County.